May 6, 2024

Mar 15, 2024

AI means everyone can now be a programmer(?)

Is it that easy?

Assuming you are not a developer and want to create an app to take screenshots on macOS.

You started to ask questions to AI and installed developer tools. Now you are ready for development.

  1. Gemini
  2. How to take a screenshot on macos xcode using swift?

    You paste the code to XCode and see an error!

    Ask Gemini to provide another solution.
    The code you provided in swift didn't work. Suggest another swift way to capture a screenshot.

    Gemini gives an apology and suggests another solution.

    Let's see in XCode.

    Can you see a strange code that contains Arabic letters?

    guard let contentFilter = SCC محتوى الشاشة(sharingMode: .none) else { return nil }

    You want to switch to ChatGPT to accomplish this easy task with the same prompt. 👇

  3. ChatGPT
  4. You paste the code provided by ChatGPT. Again, there is a problem in the code!

    context.makeCurrent() didn't work. Is there any other way?

    You pasted this code, and it worked! After a few trials, now think you are a programmer.

    What will you do if you see CGDisplayCreateImage(_:) is deprecated?

    So you keep asking for alternative ways, and you learn that there is a shiny framework named ScreenCaptureKit.

    I recommend trying to ask both Gemini and ChatGPT to take a screenshot using ScreenCaptureKit. I tried, on several attempts, AI suggested wrong code each time.

    Then you will decide how easy programming is!