Jun 27, 2008

Exploring ajax

I am on vacation now. I have not coded anything since last friday. But i can not stay away from coding. From last friday to today every night exploring for ajax frameworks and components. I want to recommend ajaxian and ajaxrain websites. I found good articles and examples about ajax frameworks on these sites. Of course there are many ajax sites but i recommend you to add these to your feed reader.

Anyway, i tested many ajax components but i am confused now. I could not make a decision to use which. Script.aculo.us and moo tools are my favourites. Yahoo, adobe and google also have their frameworks. If you are interested with ajax you know there are hundreds of ajax components. So which is the best?

First i need to make a decision for what purpose i will use this components. Now i have not a new project to start. The project that i work is written with vb.Net 2003. Project owners did not prefer to use any javascript framework when they started the project. Now there are over 200 hundred pages in the project. Also the development of the project continues without a break and all developments are critical as users say. As you see it is not easy to change all logic and pass all pages to javascript framework.

First action plan may be changing .net version from 1.1 to 2.0. So we can use update panel to provide ajax support and prevent postbacks. The simplest solutions seems to be version upgrade.

If i start a new project i should use javascript framework and proper ajax components. What is your opinion? I should make my own ajax library. Then make a plan which features of ajax i will use. This topic is endless :) I dont want to add anything but i should write a new article about ajax.

"This is the first post. Sorry if i have any mistakes (knowledge or english). You can comment my posts and warn me if you see any mistake."
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