Dec 25, 2015

HTML5 Webcam Case: Add server certificate to trusted in Chrome

In the previous post we created a self-signed certificate on the server. But Google Chrome still shows the certificate as not trusted on the client side.
All steps will be applied at client side with Google Chrome browser.

Click the lock icon near the https url. In popup it says "Server's certificate is not trusted".

Click "Certificate Information" link and the go to "Details" tab.
 Click "Copy to File...". You will see Certificate Export Wizard window.

 Click Next and enter a path for the file including filename.
 Complete the wizard and you will see "The export was successful" message.

Go to Chrome settings and find "Manage certificates" button.
 Go to "Trusted Root Certification Authorities" tab and click "Import..." button. We will import the certificate which we exported in the previous steps.
 You will see "Certificate Import Wizard" window. Click Next and select certificate file you exported.

 Here we are adding the certificate to the "Trusted Root Certification Authorities". Complete the wizard.

You will see "The import was successful" message. Now you will not see error lock icon near the https url in Chrome. Also related with our previous post, you can save your webcam access permission for the later use. You can create an app link in Chrome and whenever app window opened webcam will be active.