Jul 31, 2018

Ubuntu torrent client - Transmission-cli

If you need a torrent client on Ubuntu server you can use transmission package. This tutorial explains only command line interface.

sudo apt-get install transmission-cli
Cli package has no setting file! You have to give settings with parameters.

Get help
$ transmission-cli --help
transmission-cli 2.92 (14714)
A fast and easy BitTorrent client

Usage: transmission-cli [options] <file|url|magnet>

 -h  --help                          Display this help page and exit
 -b  --blocklist                     Enable peer blocklists
 -B  --no-blocklist                  Disable peer blocklists
 -d  --downlimit            <speed>  Set max download speed in kB/s
 -D  --no-downlimit                  Don't limit the download speed
 -er --encryption-required           Encrypt all peer connections
 -ep --encryption-preferred          Prefer encrypted peer connections
 -et --encryption-tolerated          Prefer unencrypted peer connections
 -f  --finish               <script> Run a script when the torrent finishes
 -g  --config-dir           <path>   Where to find configuration files
 -m  --portmap                       Enable portmapping via NAT-PMP or UPnP
 -M  --no-portmap                    Disable portmapping
 -p  --port                 <port>   Port for incoming peers (Default: 51413)
 -t  --tos                  <tos>    Peer socket TOS (0 to 255,
 -u  --uplimit              <speed>  Set max upload speed in kB/s
 -U  --no-uplimit                    Don't limit the upload speed
 -v  --verify                        Verify the specified torrent
 -V  --version                       Show version number and exit
 -w  --download-dir         <path>   Where to save downloaded data
Usage: transmission-cli [options]
Download a torrent with download directory parameter.
sudo transmission-cli  http://torrent.ubuntu.com:6969/file?info_hash=D%C0%809M3%5B%03%0B%13%FA%F1%3F%A8%84%CD%22%15%028 --download-dir "/home/ubuntu/Downloads"
You can use magnet link instead of torrent file url.
If you are using AWS or any firewall, don't forget to give permission for "Port for incoming peers (Default: 51413)"
After download finishes you will see transmission will continue to run for seeding. It may be annoying if you are working on terminal because it interrupts terminal window (even you press to Ctrl-C to quit).
To kill the process type ps to see process id.
  PID TTY          TIME CMD
11659 pts/0    00:00:00 sudo
11668 pts/0    00:00:00 transmission-cl
Then kill process.
$ kill 11668