Jul 25, 2008

Time Management Software - Offline Version

How often do you take notes? Do you use notebook, agenda or papers? I take notes almost everyday.

I have an agenda and i use it when i attend meetings. Sometimes i do not want to use keyboard and like to draw something on it.

  • I use calendar extension for Thunderbird mail client. I recommend this tool if you use Thunderbird. It allows you to add tasks, reminders, notes, events and see them on calendar. These features are similar to Outlook's functions. Also you can synchronize calendar with your Google calendar.
  • I sometimes use Google. I prefer it because it is an online calendar and easy to use. Another reason is i am addicted of Google tools and i can integrate calendars with the other Google applications.
  • Google notes is my another favorite application. I use it for taking web notes. With a Firefox add on i can take web notes easily.
I have tried many other tools to take notes. Now i use tools that i listed above. Yesterday i was looking photos on flicker. I saw an interesting note taking picture and i really liked it. Now i want a notebook with squared line paper and a good pencil. I may use this technique soon.

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