Thursday, February 4, 2010

Cloud Computing

There are many discussions on the internet about cloud computing. Cloud is internet. But computing is a fuzzy word with cloud.
The best definition that i've seen is on wiki page. Please read it to get detailed explanation.
What i understand from Cloud Computing is "software as a service" concept.

The problems with software set up are:
  • installing an application,
  • downloading updates,
  • buying server to host application,
  • providing office spaces for server,
  • paying to set up server (physical set up-hardware, network-, software set up)
  • worrying about security,
  • buying expensive licences,
  • hiring experts with high costs.
These problems are general. But the question is which applications should we use as a service. Many applications need to be installed on the local of the corporation becasue they worry about their security especially about data security. What cloud computing offer is an alternative solution to use technology. It is a model and growing concept. We must take it into consideration.

If corporations use this model wisely then they will reduce costs. All of the problems that i mentioned above consume resources. Why do we buy Microsoft Office? Do we use all features? In the future we will use office as a service. Google started a big challenge with many services. Google Docs is a very sophisticated service. I use especially "service" keyword. Because we don't install anything. We don't keep any application files. We only use it.

I hope we will see many alternative services soon. Mail applications and office packages are only examples. We can connect those services together and reach them from everywhere.