Feb 18, 2010

Obsolete types and members in .Net framework 4

Microsoft did it again! They changed many type and member definitions in framework 4. Same thing had happened when framework 3.5 published. For example in 3.5 version mail class was transferred to System.Net from System.Web and Page.RegisterStartupScript was changed to ClientScriptManager.RegisterStartupScript etc.

And now the most interesting change is about System.Data.OracleClient. It is not actually a change, they will not support OracleClient class in next versions. It seems they give the responsibility to Oracle to create new .net classes to work with new frameworks.
(In framework 4) The types in System.Data.OracleClient are deprecated. The types are supported in version 4 of the .NET Framework but will be removed in a future release. Microsoft recommends that you use a third-party Oracle provider.

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